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Why Estate Planning?

Your estate plan is more than a form. Tools are not the same as planning with your attorney. Your estate plan is a life and legacy plan. You worked hard during your life to create a legacy. Your plan is about you, your loved ones, and your assets during life and incapacity.  Sheri will educate you on best choices on how to leave your legacy. You deserve a living plan that fits your life events, one that is tailored for you and your family. You deserve a relationship with an attorney who creates your plan for peace of mind.  Sheri is your estate ally attorney who listens to you. 

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Wills and Trusts

Estate Planning is not just for the wealthy. It doesn't matter if a person has a small estate or a large estate. True estate planning is not buying an online form. Different types of estate plans exists. Your Estate Ally is not a cookie cutter firm. The firm's team spends time, and tailors an estate plan to meet you and your family's needs.  Click on the following links to find more information about some basics in estate planning.

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Estate Planning

Minor Children

Families with minor children have unique needs. As part of your estate plan, you need to name a guardian to provide for your children's care. Temporary and permanent guardianship planning brings peace of mind.  You can also set up a minor's trust, or you may need a special needs trust. Children aging into adulthood with a disability need a plan too.

Non-Traditional Families

In today's complex society, estate planning, wills, trusts, and powers of attorney address the needs of the non-traditional family.  Estate planning prepares a family for blended family life and second marriages.

The firm assists all types of families,  including grandparents raising their grandchildren, people on a second or subsequent marriage, blended, adopted, and those in a same-sex marriage or civil union.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is advanced estate planning that enhances your revocable living trust planning. The attorneys sit down with you to help you with planning options to reduce your financial footprint. We inform you and help guide you with choices that work for you and your family legacy.

Read more about Legacy Planning.

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