Who is Your Estate Ally?

Posted by Sheri Tucker, M.S., J.D.Jan 20, 20240 Comments

Let's explore estate planning, elder law and the law firm Your Estate Ally. Who is Your Estate Ally? Why choose Sheri Tucker as your estate planning or elder law attorney? Estate Planning changed over the years. Elder care and special needs is now an important part of estate planning today. staying up-to-date strengthens the attorney's ability to advocate for seniors and those with special needs. Learn more about Your Estate Ally and Sheri Tucker, attorney.

What is a Successor Trustee?

Posted by Sheri Tucker, M.S., J.D.Nov 27, 20230 Comments

When creating an estate plan, grantors need to consider choices for a successor trustee. How does a successor trustee step in and take care of a trust? What are the duties of a successor trustee? What characteristics should a grantor consider when choosing a potential successor trustee? This blog explores duties and characteristics to consider for choosing a successor trustee in your estate plan.